SIZE: 23.6 x 34.6 inches / 60 x 88cm


The Diário Canino (Daily Dog) is a washable pad for your dog to do physiological needs, for small or medium sized dogs up to 55lb, or for two dogs up to 26.5lb each.


With its 23.6 x 34.6 inches measures, it has three layers: the first, odor minimizing and bacteriostatic; the second absorbent - which absorbs up to 850 ml of urine and retains up to 40.577 oz; and finally the impermeable layer - adhering to the floor, it prevents leakage of urine.

The product has an anti-leakage system composed of two adhesive tags that act as a fixation point, mainly for use of males, by simply gluing the upper part to the wall (L-shaped). They are indicated for smooth surfaces - such as tiles, for example -, avoiding the removal of paint ion surfaces. For females, simply extend the newspaper to the desired location.

The Diário Canino (Daily Dog) is not only stylish and informative, but it also has a minimal duration of six months and the product can be washed up to 210 times in the washing machine or manually in a bucked, which prevents hundreds of conventional dog pads and newspapers to be thrown in the trash daily. In addition to generating approximately 80% financial savings to your pocket annually, the environment is grateful.



Sustainable: Reducing the amount of garbage is very important for the environment. Because it is washable, owning a Daily Dog prevents hundreds of conventional rugs from being thrown away annually.



Economical: 1 Diário Canino (Daily Dog) = 210 conventional pads. The financial savings are approximately 80% per year. Your pocket is grateful. 


Practical: The Daily Dog has three layers: the first odor minimizer and bacteriostatic, the second superabsorbent, and a third that is impermeable and adhering to the floor, which prevents the leakage of urine.

Stylish: Beyond beautiful, Diário Canino (Daily Dog) is informative and bring fresh news from the canine world to you every edition!